About Us

The Company is managed by a team of professionals who has vast working experience in ship management. Managing ship is a delicate balance between cost and performance. It is essential to manage the cost of crew, maintenance, repair, and operation without compromising quality, safety, security and performance. Cost saving can be achieved by efficient adoption of emerging technology, accumulative experience and dedicated work force. We are always ready to support our ship owners with our long-established expertise and versatility. For every principal, we will tailor our service to meeting their specific needs and requirements.

Safe and green ship operation demands a total commitment across the breadth and depth of an organization which has a team of dedicated professionals. In our business, Safety, Environment Protection, Security & Quality is a direct result of dedication.

The Company utilizes state-of-the-art infocomm technology and knowhow to meet the demands of maritime industry with our in-house IT solutions such as human resource, technical, procurement database management system; information processing and decision support system. We remain connected 24/7 with our local area and fibre broadband access global network, to handle efficiently all received and system-generated information to provide continuous monitoring, risk assessment and management, instantaneous feedback and prompt response to our customers & the fleet.