Strategic Direction

The strategy direction of our Company sets the company’s long-term course, goal and broad policy directions. It gives us a clear sense of direction and a blueprint for the company’s activities for the upcoming years.

Strategic Intent

Norwest will be recognized as one of the high-quality crewing and NB projects supervision service provider for our principal & clients, to develop and tap new markets through innovation, leadership, and provision of high quality service. We continue to offer our service to a wider range of vessel owners and managers through long term partnership with our manning agents, site office supervision team and adaption of emerging technology in the changing environment.

Mission Statement & Vision

Our mission is to realize our vision of becoming a premier ship owner representative service provider for our valued customers.

Our values

Sustainable business practices including: corporate social responsibility (social, economical and environmental), responsible governance, and equal opportunity are all expected values within our company. These are re-enforced through sustainable ethics and workforce integrity throughout all our business operations. Co-operation and collaboration are expected norms within the company’s management, with recognition provided for all level through regular appraisals. We encourage and embrace any values which enforce the behaviours that employees cherish.

Goals and Objectives

  • Provision of competent and qualified seafarers
  • Ensure quality of work and timely completion of New Building Projects
  • Comply to statutory, regulatory, customer and contractual requirements
  • Increase Customer satisfaction
  • Reduce Customer Complaint